Quick guide to painting

Spray paint is easier to use than you'd think. Even if you've never spray-painted before, we guarantee that you will succeed following these simple instructions.

WORKS ON ANY SURFACE Car-Rep® spray paints can be used to paint almost any material, such as metal, stone, concrete and hard plastics.



Read the easy painting instructions below for sure success. Note that an even base coat is a requirement for a professional surface. We always recommend a primer.


1. Read the instructions

Always read the instructions on the can, on the maston.fi website or using the QR code on the can before you start.

2. Sanding and priming

Prepare the surface. Sand it with sand paper if necessary then wipe excess dust away with a damp cloth and let dry. If the surface is very uneven, fill it with putty, then sand and wipe.

3. Clean the surface to be painted

Clean the surface of dirt, dust and grease using e.g. a degreaser.

4. Shake the bottle

Shake the bottle for the amount of time specified in the instructions in order to mix the color evenly. Normally this is 2-3 minutes.

5. Paint a test patch

Paint a test patch in an area that will not be visible. This way you can test how suitable the product is for the surface.

6. Protect areas you are not painting

Carefully protect the areas you are not going to paint.

7. Distance

Check the painting distance from the pictogram on the can. The distance varies from 15-40 cm and depends on the product. It is important to follow these instructions for a successful result.

8. Adjustable nozzle

If the product has a blue adjustable nozzle, it contains a red adjuster which you can turn to change the direction of the oval-shaped spray of paint mist.

9. Several thin coats

Always begin with a very thin, gauze-like coat. Spray thin coats, from side-to-side, up-and-down, and then side-to-side again. Let the previous coat dry for 3-5 minutes until dust will no longer stick before you apply the next coat.

10. Drying time

Follow the recommended drying times and let the surface dry completely.

11. Clean the nozzle

Turn the bottle upside down and spray until only propellant gas comes out.

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